Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Online Novella Summary and Naming Contests!

Novella Summary
After her airman husband dies in a tragic accident, Katherine Arnold leaves military life behind and returns to her hometown in Kansas to raise her two young children.  In an effort to remain independent, she runs a salon out of her home and employs her younger sister to help. 

Despite some hardship and small town gossip, she begins to feel content in God’s new plan for her life.  However, when a handsome young police officer comes to town, will Katherine’s world be turned upside down again?

Name my Novella!

Have you ever wanted to help name a book?  Here's your chance!  After reading the summary above, what would you name this novella?  Please leave your ideas and I will come up with three different titles to vote on, based on your ideas .  Voting will take place on Thursday so don't delay, suggest your novella name ideas today!

Name the Leading Male Character!
**Contest ended 3/11/14.  The Winning name is Ryan!  Thank you for voting.**

Thank you for helping name the leading female character in my novella.  Now it’s time to name the leading male character!  Read his description below:

He’s a young police officer in his mid twenties with blond hair, blue eyes and charming smile.  Katherine finds him annoying and arrogant at first, but it’s just a mask to hide past regrets he’s running from…

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