Editing Services

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable editor?
If so, I would love to help polish your work in progress until it shines!

About the Editor

I am a Christian author and freelance editor from the Midwest with a bachelor of science in English / education with a concentration in creative writing. When I'm not reading, writing or homeschooling my children, I spend my time editing for other authors and enjoy every minute of it.

I prefer to edit Christian or inspirational fiction, but will consider clean fiction or non-fiction without explicit scenes or profanity. I also edit articles, blog posts, blurbs and short stories. In addition to editing, I offer some basic formatting services for eBooks and print books. Scroll down for a more detailed list of my rates and services. For more information, please email me at

Rachel Skatvold did a fantastic job editing for me.  I handed her a raw, very rough manuscript due to time constraints.  She helped me transform my manuscript into the beautiful piece it was meant to be.  She was easy to work with, flexible, and provided fast turnaround.  She understood my preferences, author voice, and style without taking away from these.  I highly recommend her editing services! –  Lisa M. Prysock, Author

~ Editing Rates and Services ~

*Rates and services are subject to change. Updated 6/12/18*



This is the final polish before self-publishing or submitting to a traditional publisher or agent. For a basic proofread I will:
  • look for spelling, grammar and punctuation issues.
  • identify minor sentence structure or word usage / repetition issues.
  • point out spacing or other formatting inconsistencies
  • take special care to preserve the author's unique voice / style while proofreading.
Rate: $0.0015 / word (ex. $75 for a 50,000 word book)
~ Free 1,000 word editing sample ~

Copy / Developmental Editing & Proofreading

This is a two step editing process that will go more in depth. First, I will: 
  • look for spelling, grammar and punctuation issues.
  • identify sentence structure, flow and word usage / repetition issues.
  • point out issues with story structure, point of view, and character development. 
  • identify issues with passive voice and showing vs. telling.
  • point out formatting issues or inconsistencies.
  • take special care to preserve the author's unique voice / style while editing.
Second step: After the author makes the changes from the first edit, I will do a final read through to ensure the manuscript is thoroughly polished and ready for publication.

Rate: $0.0035 / word (ex. $175 for a 50,000 word book)
~ Free 1,000 word editing sample ~

Other Editing Rates

Blog Posts:
$5 ea.

Blurbs / Summaries:
$3 ea.

$5 - $10 ea. depending on length

Basic Formatting Rates

After your story is edited, need help getting it formatted and ready to submit to KDP or Beta Readers without all the hassle? I can take care of that for you!

Basic Formatted eBook:
(Mobi, EPUB & PDF)
$10-$20 per book, based on length

**Additional cost for pictures unless author provides them.**

Thank you for stopping by to look at my editing services! Please email with any questions or to request a quote.


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