Beauty Within

Beauty Within
Riley Family Legacy Novellas, Book 1

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After her husband dies in a tragic accident...
Katherine Arnold returns to her hometown in southern Kansas, hoping for a fresh start. She longs to reconnect with family and raise her two young children in peace. But instead, she must cope with an overbearing mother playing matchmaker and a troubled teenaged sister for a roommate. As gossip about her family blazes through town like a wildfire, Katherine wonders if returning home was the right decision.

Ryan Hudson is running from dark shadows in his past. Hiding out in Brimsfield is torture for the young police officer who is used to an action filled life in the city. But for now, his only option is to stay put and hope his secret isn’t discovered.

After their first meeting ends with a parking ticket, Katherine believes Officer Hudson is determined to make her life miserable. However, after learning about his difficult past, she finds herself drawn to the handsome and mysterious stranger. Together, will this unlikely pair be able to move past their circumstances and discover the Beauty Within God’s plan?


What Readers are Saying...

The Author uses the main character to capture the hearts of their reader
through her spiritual and life journey...
A beautiful down home love story...
Full of humor, suspense and romance from a Christian perspective.
This is a book for all to enjoy...

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