Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thirsting for God

A lone apple tree stands in our front yard.  Last year my husband and I were excited to see our first crop of apples, but unfortunately, squirrels carried them off before we could pick them.

This year we were on a mission--save the apples.  We tied pie plates and panty hose filled with moth balls to the branches to repel the squirrels.  I know, it sounds funny, but it worked like a charm.

However as July arrived we got so wrapped up in other things, taking care of the apple tree got placed on the back burner. 
One day, my dad came over to visit.  “The leaves on your apple tree are turning brown,” He mentioned as he walked through the door.

I looked out the window and gasped.  Sure enough, the tree was in bad shape.  Several branches had brown withering leaves.  We had taken precautions against the squirrels, but had forgotten to water the tree.

The thirsty apple tree reminds me of how much I need daily hydration in my spiritual life.  It’s so easy to get caught up in chores and writing projects that are calling my name.  Even if the things I am doing are pleasing to the Lord, I sometimes forget how important quiet time is.

Psalms 42: 1 says, As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God.

Spending time with Jesus in prayer and study is the spiritual water that I need to survive.  Without it, I will start to wither, just like the apple tree.

Thankfully, with some extra TLC and water, the tree recovered and we were blessed with an abundance of apples this year.  They turned out perfect for homemade apple sauce and apple butter.  Mmm…my favorite.

Just like the tree, I thirst for water, but I need spiritual water that comes from the Jesus.  When I spend time with Him, my parched soul is replenished.  Then I have the strength to continue serving Him.

Thank you for reading and keep shining for Him!

*Photo credit:  My photo


  1. It doesn't take long to start wilting spiritually when we miss our time with the Lord, does it? Blessings to you, Rachel!

    1. Rachel, I just noticed that my link on your blog roll is from my old blog. Could you update the link, please, to my new website? It's Thanks!!

    2. Thank you for reminding me Cheryl. I just updated it with your new website. :) I hope you have a blessed day.

  2. I look forward to each new entry as I thirst for more encouragement! What a gift God has given you to be able to describe in such a beautiful way how He cares for us.:)

    1. Mom, I'm glad that God encourages you through my blogs. Thank you for being an encouragement to me by reading and commenting on them. Love you, Mom.

    2. Rachel,
      I am awaiting your next blog post with great anticipation!
      I clock out for lunch and click into my favorite blog site! Also praying for good news of your first book....everyone I tell about it is also wanting to know as soon as it is published:)