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Reclaiming Hope Release Fun

It's Release Week!

Reclaiming Hope by Carolyn Miller is the newest addition in the Independence Islands Series! I'm so excited to share more about this book, but first, allow me to explain the release week party the authors in the Independence Islands are planning. This week our topic is Dream Island Escapes! Follow all the posts on this tour to read each author's idea of the perfect island escape. Today, mine is below. Also, don't forget to enter in the amazing giveaways offered this week. 

My Dream Island Escape...

I've had the opportunity to go on two island vacations in the past. One was to Hawaii with my parents when I was a young teen. Then for my senior trip, my older sister and I took a trip to St. Thomas. Both were amazing destinations I will never forget. In Hawaii I had the opportunity to sit next to a sea turtle who had come right up on the beach. My dad and I also climbed Diamond Head. In St. Thomas my sister and I went to an amazing cove with crystal clear water and hardly any waves. It was one of the most beautiful places I've seen in my life. 

If I had the opportunity to go on another island escape, I think I would like to travel to either St. Thomas again or one of the less populated islands in Hawaii. It's very hard to choose because both places were amazing and the people were so welcoming and friendly. The only thing I would do differently is finding a resort right by the beach, so I could sit on my beach chair and enjoy the calming sea views.

What is your idea of the perfect island escape? Please tell me in the comments below.

More About Reclaiming Hope...

Opposites attract—and repel. But which is more powerful?

Callie Steele might be a bit…focused on work, but despite what her employers say, she enjoys her well-ordered, productive life.

When she’s sent to meet the owners of an estate requiring post-hurricane landscaping, Callie meets their son, Kai Brody, a super-chilled pro surfer, who is as opposite from her as they come. Though initially smitten, Callie knows a relationship with Kai is a bad idea—a very bad idea.

Kai, however, can’t help but be intrigued by someone who challenges him to make something of his life again. He’s determined to pursue her, if she’ll give him half a chance.

The more time they spend together, negotiating the challenges of work, illness, and family, the more their opposing outlooks clash and connect. What do these unlikely friends really want from life? Is it best to focus on work or recreation?

As Kai and Callie seek answers from the Lord, they also must consider if such complete opposites have enough in common to make a relationship last.

Reclaiming Hope concludes the Hooper Island stories of the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

The Independence Islands Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.

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Footprints on Her Heart Release Party Fun!

It's release week for Footprints on her Heart! To celebrate with Author Tabitha Bouldin on her new release, all the authors at Celebrate Lit are sharing stories about our funniest pets. Keep reading to hear about my pet. Also, please don't forget to enter in the giveaway and follow the other authors in the blog tour! 

My Funniest Pet...

I've had many funny pets throughout the years. Growing up my siblings and I had a house full of pets. including cats, dogs, gerbils, turtles, fish, and more. It was always an adventure and they all had unique and funny personalities.

If I had to choose the funniest one however, I think I'd have to choose the newest addition to our family, Nala. We found her...or rather she found us last October. It was below freezing outside and I looked outside to watch the snow flurries when I happened to see two green eyes staring at me from the porch. They belonged to a tiny gray feral kitten. She was very dehydrated, thin and shivering in the cold, but we were able to catch her and take her to the vet. As the months passed, she started to trust us and grew into a beautiful and affectionate kitty cat. Since we already have two other cats, we had originally decided to find her another home once she was healthy enough, however, Nala snuggled her way into our hearts. Now she has a fur-ever home with us. :) 

(Nala, my writing assistant...)

Now, you may ask, why is Nala my funniest pet? Well, that's because she acts more like a dog. She comes when called, likes to play with dog toys, sleeps in the dog's bed, steals my wooden pencils so she can chew on them, enjoys belly rubs, and makes little whining noises when she wants to cuddle. We affectionately call her our cat-dog and can't imagine our lives without her now.

What is your funniest pet? Please leave your answer in the comments below. 

Purchase on Amazon Here

More about Footprints on Her Heart...

He’s saving the world, one animal at a time.

Trent Raines’ opinion, happily ever after has four paws and doggy breath. He spends his days isolated at the shelter, taking care of animals. Especially now that romance seems to be spreading across the islands faster than fleas in summer.

She lives a safe life behind the camera lens.

Kara Parker’s job at the animal shelter keeps her too busy to worry about romance. Sure, the boss is cute and all, but her introverted nature is perfectly happy as a photographer and website designer, thank you very much.

Even a quick trip to the mainland to retrieve a truckful of animals won’t change their minds.

Or so they think.

As Trent comes to understand Kara, he discovers there’s more than meets the eye in his quiet employee. Together, they plan a Christmas adoption festival that’s certain to empty the animal shelter in record time. Until a blast from Trent’s past puts all the animals in danger.

Sure, Trent and Kara are fine on their own, but they’re even better together.

What will it take for these soulmates conquer their fears and rescue the animals before it’s too late?

Footprints on Her Heart continues the Hooper Island stories of the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

The Independence Islands Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.

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Monday, October 25, 2021

Hooper Safe Haven Release Party!

I'm excited to announce the release of Hooper Safe Haven! This has been my favorite book to write so far in the Independence Islands Series. It is not only a love story, but there are also secrets to be revealed and a mystery solved. You'll have to read the book to find out more!

To celebrate this new release, the Independence Islands authors have gotten together for a release week party. This time we are discussing how our favorite pair of shoes match our personality. Keep reading to find out what my favorite shoes are and why. Also, you are invited to follow the release party this week through the other authors' blogs. There will be fun giveaways to sign up for so don't forget to enter! Thank you for helping us celebrate Hooper Safe Haven's release. 

Order Your Copy of Hooper Safe Haven Here!

My Favorite Pair of Shoes

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved wearing flip flops. Even when the weather started to turn cold, I'd attempt to run out of the house in them. I didn't like wearing regular shoes, and especially not heels. I guess I have something in common with Alicia, the main character in Hooper Safe Haven. She is a jeans and flip flop kind of girl and so am I. Most days I go for a casual look and do not really pay attention to fashion trends. The most important quality I look for in a pair of flip flops is comfort. They have to have fabric between the toes and not plastic because it hurts my feet!  LOL.

Flip flops match my easygoing personality. I like to go with the flow and enjoy spending time relaxing at home and reading a good book. However, I do like to be spontaneous on occasion and love a good adventure. If you're planning a fun road trip, or a camp out in an RV, count me in!

So, how about you? What are your favorite shoes and how do they match your personality?

More About Hooper Safe Haven

Harbors should be safe havens, but what if you’re harboring secrets?

When Alicia Roberts accepts a job with mobile veterinarian, Kendall Mulligan, she hopes the Independence Islands will give her a safe place to start over. And as much as she appreciates the Mulligan girls’ offer to stay with them while she gets settled, Alicia knows she needs her own place. ASAP.

Hooper Ear Cove Apartments on Hooper Island offers a beautiful ocean view as well as one of the landlord’s hunky son—all at an affordable price. Just what she needs to start a new life. Isn’t it?

When life knocked Jace Young in the head with a literal curveball that ruined his major league chances, he was forced to return to Hooper Island and a job as the maintenance guy at his father’s apartment complex. On the side, he leads the contemporary song service at church as his heart heals.

 When Alicia moves to Hooper Island, Jace is drawn in by her sweet personality. However, something hides deep beneath the surface, and Alicia resists any discussion of God. What will it take to convince her to anchor her heart to God and to confide the secrets she harbors?

 Hooper Safe Haven continues the Hooper Island stories of the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

The Independence Islands Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.

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Monday, September 27, 2021

More Than a Heartthrob Release Fun!

More Than a Heartthrob is here! The authors of the Independence Islands are so excited about this new release by Kari Trumbo this week we are sharing our favorite makeup tips and having a giveaway to celebrate. Please keep reading to find out my best makeup tip, find out about the next installment for the Independence Islands (Hooper Island style)...and make sure to enter in the awesome giveaway at the bottom. Also, don't forget, to follow the release party this week with the other authors in the series and enter in their giveaways! It's going to be an exciting week of fun.

My Makeup Story and Tip

Whenever I think about makeup, I always think about my sister, Jenny. Being five years older, she took me under her wing when I was old enough to start wearing it. I remember lots of laughs and some frustrations as she told me to stay still as she put on my eye shadow or not to blink when it was time for eyeliner or mascara. In the end, when I couldn't stop blinking and my eyes would water, she started encouraging me to blink instead, timing it just right so the mascara would slide through my eyelashes. To this day, I still blink to put it on. It is a fun memory of sister time I will always cherish.

Now as an adult, I still use the techniques my sister taught me, but I also follow the "less is more" rule. I've never worn very much, but having blond eyebrows and eyelashes, if I don't add some pigment to them, it looks like I don't have any at all. However, I don't usually wear a lot. As Katherine, a beautician from my first book called, Beauty Within would say, "Makeup isn't meant to create beauty, only to enhance it." That has always been my philosophy, too.

A little more about More than a Heartthrob...

Whoever said beauty is only skin deep lied. Beauty begins from within.

Jazzy is comfortable in her own skin, but the world cringes at it. Her personal armor since her teen years, makeup hides the scars that make anyone who sees them wince. The true test of any friend is: will they accept her without it?

Chris races to Hooper Island to escape a life-altering situation. The only person he knows and can trust there is a woman he met once. It wasn’t a good meeting. Lost and lonely after being the center of attention in Hollywood, he won’t risk losing the one friend he has.

Befriending Chris poses a risk Jazzy is loath to take. If anyone will reject her for her scars, it’ll be a guy whose life is focused on beauty. But as she helps him work through his own problems and his struggles with faith, will she gather the courage to pluck the plank from her own eye?

Once alone and vulnerable, will Jazzy and Chris rely on one another? Or will the force of their polar opposite lives push them apart—for good.

More Than a Heartthrob continues the Hooper Island stories of the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

The Independence Islands Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.

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Seasoned Grace Release Fun

I'm so excited to announce it's release week for Seasoned Grace by Melissa Wardwell! This story is about a daughter in search of her estranged father. There are many storms along the journey--both spiritual and from nature that must be overcome? Have you ever been through a storm that tested your faith? This week all the Independence Islands authors are talking about our experiences with storms where God's grace showed through at the end. Please scroll down to read mine below. :)  Also, don't forget to follow the other others this week and enter in the giveaways! Blessings.

The storm came out of nowhere. As a young teen in the middle seat of my parents van, my heart pounded as I watched rain pelting the windshield and felt the wind rushing against the side of the car. Tornado warnings blared on the radio, but we were on the highway with no safe place to pull over. When an exit finally came up, my dad was able to pull off and we all breathed a sigh of relief. God had protected us. As we drove toward somewhere safe to ride out the storm, the sight out the window took my breath away. The sky was split in half--one side with dark menacing clouds with lightning streaking through, and the other with sunshine and a stunning rainbow. It felt like a promise that God would keep us safe.

The experience from my childhood remind me of the verse from Psalm 91:1-2. "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the LORD, My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust."

Whenever I go through storms in life, I can always rely on God's protection. Even when my time runs out here on earth, I can rest assured He is preparing a home for me in heaven where I'll live with him in safety and peace forever.

More about Seasoned Grace

You can run from your past, but you can’t escape it.

Though he disappeared that day, Raylin McReynolds never believed her father died at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

So, when a mysterious letter arrives from Breakers Head, informing her that she would find him on the Independence Islands off the coast of Georgia, she has no choice but to find a job, get there, find her father.

As mainland troubles encroach on Hooper Island, Sean Anderson devises a plan and presents it to the island pastors and his cousin, Scott. The result: Grace Mission—a place where those struggling can find the help they need.

What he didn’t need was a distraction in the form of a newcomer to the islands—a mission volunteer, no less.

Others at the mission, Beth and Scott, see more than just frustration brew between Raylin and Sean. What will it take to convince Sean and Raylin to stop bickering long enough to see what’s obvious to everyone else?

Raylin’s on a mission to find her father and protect her heart, but neither seem willing to cooperate.

Seasoned Grace continues the Hooper Island stories of the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

The Independence Islands Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.

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Flipping Hearts Release Day Fun!

It's release week for Flipping Hearts! This new Independence Island book by Chautona Havig takes place after a hurricane. The main characters are fixing up houses on the islands. To celebrate this new release, all the authors of the series are sharing some of our most memorable DIY projects. I will be talking about mine below. Please find out more about Flipping Hearts below, follow the tour this week to read the other authors' posts and don't forget to enter in the fun giveaways!

Having purchased a fixer-upper home about four years ago, the subject of DIY projects is very familiar. Before moving, we remodeled the kitchen of our old home DIY style to help it sell quicker. The new cabinets looked so nice, I wish we could have taken the kitchen with us to our new house. 

When we started looking for a home, we knew that the location mattered most to us. My husband and I wanted a place on a few acres in the country with room for our kids to grow. When we moved in, all the bedrooms had only the baseboards, the tile in the kitchen and bathroom were badly cracked, and some other things needed updating as well. However, we are definitely a DIY type of family. As long as the bones of the house were good, we could live with the other things for a while and gradually start making improvements.

After hiring someone to install carpets, the rest of the things we took on ourselves. We painted walls that needed it, I sewed curtains for the windows, my husband bought and installed new locks for the doors. We put rugs over the cracks in the kitchen and bathroom floors until replacing them last year. We also did some landscaping on the outside of the house, with the help of one of my husband's friends.

Over the next few years there are some more projects I'd like to work on, including replacing the backsplash and counters in the kitchen. After the experience, I think the key to renovating a fixer-upper is to take your time and work on things as you can afford them. 

About the Book:

Purchase on Amazon Here!

When a hurricane rips through Hooper Island, a tidal wave of TV crews follows and upsets the locals.

Brooks Crawforth agreed to volunteer crews helping to clean up and repair things on the island, not a whole home and garden series on the total renovation of several houses and a bit of cleanup on the side. He’s furious, and the show host is spitting nails at the person who blew it in the first place.

His and his father’s jobs are in jeopardy, the islanders are about to kill him, and that crazy show host blames him for her assistant’s last-minute, “you’ve-got-to-sign-this-now-or-we-can’t-come” contract.

One more thing. Did she have to be so cute?

He’s got even more trouble, though. Islanders are starting to blame Mallory Barrows for the invasion. Not only that, there are rumors of dismantling the association and allowing tourism on the islands. How’s he supposed to fix this mess?

They can’t stand each other, but if they can manage to flip off the enemy switch and flip on some cooperation, maybe their hearts’ll get flipped, too.

This “enemies to romance” novel introduces the next island in the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

The Independence Islands Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.

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Regaining Mercy Release Week Fun

It's release week for Regaining Mercy by Carolyn Miller! It's hard to believe this is the last book for Elnora Island. It's been quite an adventure and I hate for it to end. However, luckily there are three more islands to visit and lots of adventure to experience. Carolyn's story follows a young mother who has gone on a TV reality show, so this week all the authors are discussing reality shows they have watched. Keep scrolling to find out about which reality shows I've watched and to find out more about Regaining Mercy.

Reality TV you watch them? Enjoy them? I've had several that I've watched, but most I've eventually lost interest in. Bachelor was one I watched for a while. It was interesting for the first few seasons, but I ultimately grew weary of how shallow the relationships became or the fact most of the couples ended up breaking up after the show. Another I watched was survivor, but after a while the drama between the people on the show made me lose interest. I also watched the Biggest Loser for a while and liked it.

One show I am enjoying right now is Alone. Ten people are sent off to a secluded area completely alone and have to survive as long as they can without tapping out. I enjoy outdoor activities with my family like camping and hiking, so this show is interesting to me. They have to build a shelter, and find water and food. It also shows tips for how people can stay alive in a survival situation.

So there are some shows I have watched. What about you?

Order on Amazon Here!

About the Book...

A mom ready to do anything for her son. A man determined to win the woman he loves.

Going on Love at First Glance had seemed like such a good idea. She didn’t care about finding Mr. Right. No, Mindy Murray chose the reality TV show for more mercenary reasons.  A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do when it comes to feeding her son.

When Mindy returns to Elnora, the girl from the “wrong side of the island” just wants a chance to rebuild her reputation. Too bad the folks at church don’t practice what the preacher preaches.

Enter Dermott Reilly. The interim boss at Greener Gardens has always had a soft spot for Mindy and her son, but with his new responsibilities, an important garden competition, and a few other concerns, he finds it difficult to prove himself to her.

A tropical storm and a missing child prove that sometimes grace appears in the most unusual ways.

Regaining Mercy concludes the Elnora Island romances of the Independence Islands Series, featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

Thank you for taking time to read about Regaining Mercy. Please follow the tour and enter in the giveaway below! Blessings!

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