Friday, March 14, 2014

And the Winning Names Are....

Thank you to everyone who participated in my naming contests!  Your votes are greatly appreciated.  Even if your character name pick didn't win, I'm still using the top 5 for other characters. :)  Later I might use more as the story develops.  Here are the results, in case you missed them:
Novella Title and Cover

Female Characters
**Winner: Katherine **
Lillian for Katherine's daughter
Sarah for Katherine's younger sister
Carmen for Katherine's cousin
Kristy for Katherine's mom
Male Characters
** Winner: Ryan **
Drew for Ryan's brother
Luke for Katherine's uncle
Shawn for Ryan's friend
Clint for the police chief
and...Hudson for Ryan's last name/nickname.
(It's what his cop buddies call him.)  ;)
Be sure to visit my blog on Monday for chapter one of:
Love is Just the Ticket

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