Monday, September 29, 2014

Sarah Riley: Character Sneak Peek

With only ten days until Beauty Within is released, I’d like to celebrate by sharing some character sneak peeks.

This week, Sarah is my star character. She is Katherine’s free spirited teenaged sister and one of my favorites from this series. She’s well known for her long red hair and sassy personality. When she’s not helping her older sister at the salon, Sarah enjoys exercising outside. She loves feeling the wind blowing through her hair as she goes for a daily run through her hometown of Brimsfield, Kansas.

Sarah is mischievous and it often gets her into trouble but she has a good heart. She’s a loyal friend, loves her family and always enjoys a good laugh. To find out more about Sarah and her relationship with her big sister, Katherine, check out the short video below!

Thank you for watching and tune in next week to find out about another character!


Photo Credit: (mapichai)

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