Monday, November 17, 2014

Character Interview with Katherine Arnold

*This interview is fictional and just meant to be a fun way to get to know one of the characters from my new book, Beauty Within as if they were real people. Katherine Riley is the lead female character in the story. Enjoy!*
Interviewer: I’m honored to be talking with the owner of the Beauty Within hair salon. Thank you for joining us today, Katherine. First of all, can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your new business?
Katherine: Thanks for having me! Well let’s see, my full name is Katherine Elizabeth Arnold (Riley). After my husband passed away I decided to move back to Brimsfield with my two children who are four and one years old. Anyway now I have my dream job. (Grins) As a hair stylist, I get to talk to and meet so many people. I enjoy helping people realize that their true beauty comes from within. It’s a beauty that God gives us. The name of my new salon is actually inspired from 1 Peter 3:4 which talks about the true beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit.
Interviewer: I’ve always loved that verse. So besides beside the fact that you are a new business owner, can you share an interesting facts about yourself?
Katherine: An interesting fact? That’s a hard one … (taps her fingernails on the table) Oh, I love raspberry iced tea.
Interviewer: That’s an original choice. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but why raspberry iced tea?
Katherine: (Giggles) Well, I guess it’s my Grandma’s fault. My sister, Sarah and I used to spend summers at her house when we were kids. She used fresh raspberries from the bush in her back yard. My sister and I helped her pick them but Sarah usually ate half of them before we made it to the house. (Laughs and then covers her mouth.) Don’t tell her that I told you. She’ll never forgive me.
Interviewer: (Winks) Don’t worry, I won’t. So did your grandma ever share this recipe with you?
Katherine: (Shakes her head) Oh no. It was her secret recipe. Right before passing away, she shared it with my mom and her best friend, Olivia who owns the diner in town. Still, it doesn’t taste quite the same without Grandma making it. My mom will pass the recipe down to me one day … I hope.
Interviewer: Well, I’ll have to try some of her tea at Olivia’s Diner some time. Anyway, let’s switch gears a little here. I heard you had an interesting run in with the new police officer in town a few days ago. Can you tell us a little about that?

Katherine: (Blushes) Well … it’s my own fault really. I forgot to put enough money in the parking meter and got my first ticket. My dad’s the town sheriff and offered to write it off … but I didn’t want him to. I can stand on my own two feet.
Interviewer: I bet Officer Hudson was surprised to find out he gave the sheriff’s daughter a ticket, huh?
Katherine: (Laughs and shakes her head) Yes, I think he was surprised but don’t be too hard on him. I’m in his debt really, after the grocery store incident. It's a long story ... but lets just say my daughter would have been lost if it wasn’t for him. He’s kind of her hero now. In fact, she calls him Officer Handsome.
Interviewer: (Chuckles) Well, I wish we had more time to talk about Officer Handsome and Lillian but it looks like we are out of time. Maybe another time. Thank you for the chatting with me today, Katherine.
Katherine: You’re welcome. It’s been nice talking with you.
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