Ladies of Ardena Series
~ ~ ~

Will one choice save her
kingdom from destruction? 

Riley Family Legacy Novellas
~ ~ ~

Beauty Within (Book 1)
Available on Amazon and iTunes

Could a parking ticket signal Katherine's
second chance at life and maybe even ... Love?

Beauty Unveiled (Book 2)
Available on Amazon and iTunes

All her dreams seem to be coming true...
But can Sarah find a cure for her restless heart?

Beauty Restored (Book 3)
Available on Amazon

Carmen volunteers far from home...
but will fear shatter her confidence?


Hart Ranch Series
~ ~ ~
Escaping Reality (Book 1)
Available on Amazon and iTunes

Fame gave her a reason to hide. Can anyone unlock her guarded heart?

Chasing Embers (Book 2)

Coming 8/20/18

Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

She tried to forget him. But could embers remain in her heart?


Whispers in Wyoming Series
~ ~ ~
*Rachel is a contributing author in this multi-author series! Each book is loosely connected but can be read as a stand-alone story!*

Guardian of her Heart (Book 6)
Available on Amazon

Can two hearts join to save a legacy?

A Forgetful Heart (Book 8)
Available on Amazon

Can two wayward hearts remember how to love again?


Melodies of the Heart (Book 11)
Available on Amazon

Can a new song revive a long-forgotten dream?


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    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the encouraging words. God bless. ~ Rachel

  2. Thanks for an opportunity to enter a giveaway! Would love to win a print book in the Wyoming series, or in the Montana series, especially since you are a new author to me, and we also live in Montana! Thanks for your prayers for us!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I'm sorry it took me a while to see this comment. That is wonderful you are from Montana. It is such a beautiful state and I have had the chance to visit it once when on a trip to Yellow Stone. I would love to go back sometime. Praying you and your family are well. My facebook page often has my updates and giveaways, if you would like to stop by from time to time. Blessings. ~Rachel