Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Treasured Keepsakes Release Week

 The day is here!


I’m excited to announce the release of Treasured Keepsakes. This book is the second installment in the Suamalie Islands Year Two Series. To celebrate, this week all the authors in the series are participating in a fun blog hop with a giveaway. Look below for more giveaway information.


Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt accident prone?


In Treasured Keepsakes, Jayson is going through a bit of a midlife crisis, leaving him absent minded and accident prone. Because of this, he finds himself in several precarious and humorous situations. 

I can relate to this character’s accident-prone nature. I have had times in my life where I’ve had mishaps. They were not very funny at the time, but looking back, I can laugh at the situations I’ve gotten myself into. One particular day, I was outside gardening with my kids. We were emptying the old ceramic pots so we could put in new potting soil and seeds.


We were almost finished when I noticed one pot at the top of the hill by our house so I went and got it. Halfway down the hill, I noticed there was a spider in the pot, so I watched it carefully. However, while the spider had me distracted, I didn’t notice the mole hole in the ground. My foot landed in the hole, my ankle twisted, and I rolled down the hill. The pot flew out of my hands and dirt flew out of it. When I landed, I sat right in the pile of dirt. I’m not sure where the spider ended up. After twisting my ankle, I was in too much pain to care!


Embarrassed and covered in dirt, I managed to hobble back inside and put ice on my ankle. It hurt for a few days but felt better by the end of the week. Now, I can look back at that day and chuckle. I must have looked pretty silly rolling down the hill with dirt flying everywhere. All that chaos caused by a silly spider!


Do you have a story about a silly mishap? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.


More About Treasured Keepsakes…


It doesn’t always end with a happily ever after.


Feeling unappreciated by her husband and burnt out at her job, Leah Kamuela needs to clear her head. Traveling to Laumua Island, she stays with her cousin, Sabrina, for a fresh start and to finally heal old wounds she’s covered up for years.


Jayson Kamuela has spent his life climbing the corporate ladder and his upcoming promotion will give him the life of his dreams, but at what cost? His wife has left him. He’s hit rock bottom. Maybe it’s time for him to change.


When Jayson is forced to go on sabbatical, he goes to search for his wife. Leah, however, after seeing Sabrina’s business success, believes she could also have a successful business on the Suamalie Islands.


With Leah needing to start on a new path and Jayson finally seeing the errors in his ways, how will the two of them work it out to finally have a happily ever after?


Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.


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  1. Great blog Rachel. I never knew about your accident and glad you made out ok. You have a great storyline in your new book.