Friday, January 11, 2019

Lady Airell's Choice Release Day!

I'm so excited about this new release! As you can tell from the cover, I have switched to a new genre this time, but don't worry, I will still be writing contemporary and western stories in the future as well. Lady Airell's Choice is quite different from my previous books, as this one is set in the middle ages. However, it is still a Christian romance and includes themes of faith, forgiveness and redemption. Are you ready to go on an epic medieval adventure with Lady Airell? Read below to find out more about my new release. Blessings!

Will one choice save her kingdom from destruction?

During a time of peace and prosperity, Princess Airell of Daireann is given the rare privilege of choosing her own suitor. As eligible rulers from all over Ardena vie for her hand, a betrothal to Prince Tristan of Ă“rlaith seems to be the clear choice. Yet, in the midst of Lady Airell’s happiness, the winds of change are coming.

When an evil usurper from the north rises to power and his forces attack the southern kingdoms, peace in Ardena is shattered. With Daireann under siege, the princess must find the courage to protect her people. Will Lady Airell choose to sacrifice her own happiness in order to save her kingdom?
Get swept up in an epic adventure while reading this Christian medieval romance filled with themes of faith, redemption and forgiveness.

Lady Airell's Choice Book Trailer

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