Saturday, September 26, 2020

Secret Beach Boyfriend Launch: Choose Your Party Table

Exciting news! Kari Trumbo's new book in the Independence Island Series is coming out soon! To celebrate, all the authors in the series are sharing their themed table decorations. Be sure to vote for yours by clicking on the links below. 

Without further's my themed table. I chose the farm theme because that is the theme of my kitchen and we live out in the country. We love having lots of room to run, fresh air, and love raising chickens and growing a garden.

Many of the items on my party table have a special meaning for me, so I will go through all six of them to explain. This will be fun! I hope you enjoy!

1 & 2. Something Floral / A Gift : These farm vases were a wonderful housewarming gift from my mom. When my husband and I had two wonderful boys, we started dreaming of moving somewhere with a little more room. So, three years ago we moved out to the country and love it. We don't miss the city at all, except for the grocery stores being close...LOL. 

3. Something unique to me: I love collecting chicken figurines. One of the things I looked forward to the most about our move to the country was getting chickens. So....within a few months after moving in, we got five little hens. Now our flock has grown to nine! We love our girls. They give us fresh eggs and provide hours of entertainment with their quirky personalities. If you read my books, you might see a few chickens included in my stories. 

4. Something Crystal: This crystal dish was given to me by my mother in law. It is a very pretty addition to my china cabinet and a wonderful family heirloom from my husband's side.
5. Something Gold: This beautiful tea cup and saucer set was passed down from my grandmother. You can't see very well in this picture, but the handle and rim are lined with gold. These are very special to me and remind me of Grammy. She loved to play the piano and had a very strong faith in the Lord. 
6. Something that represents my writing Part 1: My upcoming Independence Island release! I can't wait to share this one with you all. 

7. Something that represents my writing Part Two: My writing notebook is something I carry around when I travel. When my computer isn't present, I have to record my ideas somewhere right? LOL! As a writer, ideas are always coming to me, no matter where I am...yes, even on vacation, when I'm not supposed to be writing. 

Thanks so much for looking at the items on my party table. Don't forget to vote for your favorite on Sandy's Post below.

Follow the links below to see each table setting and enjoy the fun.

Chautona Havig

Kari Trumbo

Tabitha Bouldin

Caroline Miller

Sandy Barela of CelebrateLit

Six authors, five islands, and all the romance and happily-ever-after you can handle.

Join Chautona Havig, Kari Trumbo, Rachel Skatvold, Tabitha Bouldin, Carolyn Miller, and myself as we take you to the Independence Islands.

The Independence Islands are a group of seven fictional islands off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia. Their history began pre-colonial period and continues until this day.

Mimosa is large, touristy, and everything the lower five islands don’t want theirs to become.  However, locals do miss having some of the amenities that come with higher populations and those dratted tourists. They’ve always voted to keep strangers from destroying their tranquil lives, but with a changing world, will they have to adapt to modern revenue makers?

When Mallory Barrows comes to the island to care for her ailing uncle, (Christmas at Breakers Point by Chautona Havig) a plan begins to develop to help the islanders and a few savvy businesswomen at the same time with a one-of-an-island kind of business model.

Mobile Businesses

Merriweather collection

Starting July 2020

Dual Power of Convenience by Chautona Havig

All they wanted was a happily-never-after. It was supposed to be a match made on paper. With him halfway across the globe, they’d never have to see each other again. So what’s Richard doing back on Merriweather?”

Scrumptious Independence by Melissa Wardwell

Armed with an inheritance she never expected and orders on how to use it, Beth sets off for Merriweather Island and fulfillment of a lifetime of dreams.

Or so she hopes.”

Secret Beach Boyfriend by Kari Trumbo

She met Rafe on the beach when she was just five and it seemed like fate tied them together. When a chance encounter returns him to the islands twenty years later, Annie finds her beach friend has grown up and now needs her help.”

Her Merriweather Hero by Rachel Skatvold

Falling in love wasn’t in Tyler’s orders, but a new deployment to Iraq is. How can he convince Kendall not to go AWOL when she hears? What can he do to convince her that they’ll make it… together?”

Mishaps Off the Mainland by Tabitha Bouldin

Everything’s falling apart, and Mel’s dream transforms into a nightmare. She thought this was what God wanted for her life, but can you blame her for second-guessing everything?”

Restoring Fairhaven by Carolyn Miller

Max much prefers the fictional world to the real, and the gardening girl’s interruptions means he’s driven from his writing cave far too often for his liking.

How’s he supposed to craft stories with her distracting him all the time?”

I hope you will sail along with us as we travel through the islands. It is sure to keep you entertained and wanting more. Stop back for more information as it comes available, this journey will last for a quite some time. Until then, feel free to pre-order these amazing stories and share images. Let’s spread the word.

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